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Steven Prostamo (Director)


Our practice specialises in residential work and engages emerging technologies, environmentally sustainable design elements & processes, and effective cost monitoring methods, embodied in a regional modern aesthetic, appropriate to our sub-tropical lifestyle.


Company Director Steven Prostamo is a Graduate of the University of Queensland with a Master of Architecture with over 23 years experience in a vast array of project typologies ranging from Education, Multi-Residential, Commercial and Master-planning.


Understanding the project brief and providing the opportunity to reinterpret traditional requirements to produce innovative design are key design strategies that in our experience offer exciting and unique designs that respond to individual client needs.


Understanding client requirements is the key to the process of interpreting our ideas into 3 Dimensional space. Our building design concepts are strategic responses which evolve from the careful consideration of the specific possibilities of each project.


By understanding the complexities of the overlapping and conflicting requirements of clients, site, environment, authority regulations and consultants we are able to formulate the unique concepts which form the foundation of our process.


QBSA License Number : 1025233

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