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Extensive renovation of a 1980's style house originally built during the last boom period for a Japanese businessman / golfer which was lived in for 5% of its life.

The critical aspect of this project was to maintain the exitsing building shell because when constructed, the local council had an amnesty on waterfront setbacks. Current setbacks would mean that the block would virtually become unusable, given that it is an odd battle-axe shape and the resulting land would be too small to accomodate the clients programme.


The client, a quantity surveyor had clear ideas about planning and programme but required guidance on form, structure and finish and interior architecture.


The house always generates comments; especially when viewed from the canal side. Its presence suggests a much grander house, but in reality the house tapers sharply to the street frontage and its apparent size is created by the use of relating and splaying scaled volumes that overlook the water.

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